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Sunday 11.3.2018 ♦ 6:00pm ♦ Webb 401

Noam Faust & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn, Université Paris 8 – speakers

Arabic stress in Strict CV, with no moras, no syllables, no feet and no extrametricality (abstract)

Sunday 18.2.2018 ♦ 6:00pm ♦ Webb 401

Si BerebiTAU & ENS – speaker


Sunday 4.2.2018 ♦ 6:00pm ♦ Webb 401

Aviv SchoenfeldTAU – moderator 

Hayes, B. and J. White (2015) Saltation and the P-map. Phonology 32:267-302.   

Sunday 31.12.2017 ♦ 6:00pm ♦ Webb 401

Daniel Asherov, MIT – speaker 

Optimization of vowel inventories (abstract)

Sunday 3.12.2017 ♦ 6:00pm ♦ Webb 401

Hadas Yeverechyahu, TAU – moderator

Albright, A. and B. Hayes (2011) Learning and learnability in phonology. In J. Goldsmith, J. Riggle, and A.C.L. Yu (eds) The Handbook of Phonological Theory (2nd edition).