Phonologists, friends of phonologists, and phonology lovers are all invited to The Israeli Phonology Circle (IPhonC). Contact Evan if you wish to join the mailing list and/or give a talk.


Monday 26.5.2014 ♦ 2:00pm ♦ place TBA

Tal LinzenNYU

 The timecourse of generalization in phonotactic learning      

28.4.2014  2:00pm  Gilman 361a

Lior Laks and Evan CohenBar Ilan University and Tel-Aviv University

What are we faithful to? On vowel epenthesis and variation (or lack thereof) in Hebrew verbs.

15.1.2014  12:00pm  Webb 103

Michael BeckerStony Brook University

Computing Morphophonology in a Constraint-based Framework (Abstract)

11.11.2013  2:00pm  Gilman 361

Hadass ZaidenbergTel-Aviv University

Prosody-Pragmatics Intereface: Evidence from Hebrew Speakers with Asperger Syndrome (Abstract)

24.6.2013  1:00pm  Webb 215

Robert VagoQueens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

Hungarian Phonology and Morphology: Making the Case for Stratal Optimality Theory

6.5.2013 ♦ 4:15pm  Webb 103

Iris Berent, Department of Psychology, Northeastern University

The Phonological Mind

2.5.2013 ♦ 2:15pm  TBA

Ezer Rasin, Department of Linguistics, Tel-Aviv University

A Learning Algorithm for Optimality Theory Grammars